Seeing Campus by Drone

Norman, OK – We’ve all had the pleasure of seeing our beautiful campus from the ground and, possibly, from the top of Sarkeys Energy Center or the upper decks of the Gaylord Memorial Stadium. From the North-leaning trees to the iconic red bricks, the University of Oklahoma is truly a sight to behold.

Have you ever wondered what this school looks like from the sky? Unless you’re an aviation major, this opportunity has likely eluded you – until now! Sweet Snark has collected these three breathtaking pictures of OU landmarks from the point of view of UAV drones just before they strike, resulting in millions of dollars in damage and senseless loss of innocent lives. Feast your eyes on this remarkable new point of view!


A modern and expensive testament to OU’s dedication to world news and politics, the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication stands proud moments before collapsing into a fiery heap of brick and concrete.


Arguably the most “OU” of campus buildings, both Evans Hall and the Bizzell Library boast a unique architectural design called Cherokee Gothic. While touring campus, you will learn that the administration building has been destroyed by drone strikes twice in OU history. Wow!


The Pride of Oklahoma goes out with a bang in its final performance of the year, dazzling fans with an unprecedented display of pyrotechnics. Little did the audience know, this was completely unplanned! When reflections from a tuba interfered with the UAV flyover’s sensitive targeting devices, the drone’s weapons system triggered. This just goes to show that sometimes bloopers make for the best entertainment!


One thought on “Seeing Campus by Drone

  1. It’s ALWAYS the damn tubas!!!

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