Chimy’s Restaurant Requires Minors to Text Manager When They Get Home


Norman, OK – Early this year, Chimy’s management implemented a new policy to force underage customers to leave by 11:30 p.m. to cut down on underage drinking. Deeming this rule a success, Chimy’s management has decided to take its stance on student safety one step further.

In addition to being forced out earlier than usual, minors must now text the restaurant’s general manager, Michael Luera, when they get home to let him know they’re safe. This communication is vital, Luera says.

“We decided 11:30 was a good time to ask them to leave and a reasonable amount of time to finish their food or soda,” said Luera. “And that should be plenty of time for them to be home by midnight, like they should be. 20 year old children simply should not be out that late – it’s dangerous!”

Roughly 10-30 minutes after a minor’s departure, Luera will receive a text saying, “Home,” or, “k,” to which he will respond with, “Okay, love you, be safe! And don’t forget your quiz tomorrow! :)” or similar.

Last Thursday, however, panic ensued when 19-year-old Patrick Stephenson failed to send Luera a text.

“I was worried sick! I kept texting and calling him to see if he was okay,” said Luera. “I’ve never been so relieved as when I got a text from him in the morning saying, ‘Sorry, phone died on the way back and I forgot to plug it in.’”

Sweet Snark approached Stephenson about the incident, to which he commented, “Haha, no, I was pretty piss drunk and threw my phone at the wall when I got back. Then I passed out.”

If this policy proves to be successful, Chimi’s staff has considered letting underage customers stay the night if they’ve been drinking. They won’t be mad, they’re just happy you’re safe. The sheets are clean and there’s a fresh towel on the rack. Do you want us to wake you up in the morning or is your alarm set? We’ll make cinnamon rolls!


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