Sweet Snark Shelves Satirical Marriage Ban Article After It Becomes Real News


Norman OK – Following U.S. District Judge Terrence Kern’s overturning of Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage last week, Sweet Snark staff began putting together a satirical report detailing the GOP’s retaliation by proposing a ban marriage altogether. We were forced to abandon the project after receiving word that they actually fucking did it.

“It was shaping up to be hilarious,” said editor-in-chief Guy Lazonik. “When I saw News 9’s article, my first fear was plagiarism, that someone had leaked our article to another source. Holy shit, though. This is real.”

Lazonik explained that the article originally intended to contribute to the ongoing debate regarding same-sex marriage as well as make it more apparent that Sweet Snark is satire and not to be taken seriously.

“This was our most ridiculous article yet,” said Lazonik. “We’ve already had plenty of people miss the joke and think we’re a serious news source, so we figured we’d go completely balls-out and write an article no one could possibly believe.”

The details between Sweet Snark’s draft and News 9’s story are so similar that Lazonik has declared intent to launch an investigation to determine whether or not the draft had, in fact, been leaked to an outside party. He suspects someone from inside the publication may have given or sold the information to Rep. Mike Turner, the author of the legitimately baffling bill.

“There’s clearly something fishy going on here,” said Lazonik. “No one could have thought this up without it being a joke. It’s just so out there.”

“What,” he concluded. “The fuck.”

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