Sweet Snark Shelves Satirical Marriage Ban Article After It Becomes Real News


Norman OK – Following U.S. District Judge Terrence Kern’s overturning of Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage last week, Sweet Snark staff began putting together a satirical report detailing the GOP’s retaliation by proposing a ban marriage altogether. We were forced to abandon the project after receiving word that they actually fucking did it. Continue reading

Survey Indicates OU Shooting Scare “Disappointing”

shooting2Norman, OK – After the shooting scare on campus Tuesday morning turned out to simply be a mechanical backfire from a nearby construction site, Sweet Snark staff hit the streets to get a feel for the student body’s general mindset. Results showed that the majority of students “kinda weirdly hoped it was real” and felt a morbid sense of disappointment toward the false alarm. Continue reading

Brutal False Alarm Rocks OU Campus

shootingNorman, OK – Authorities reported possible shots fired near Gould Hall around 11:17am today. Sweet Snark officials were on the scene within seconds to relay the situation quickly and accurately. Initial reports included one shot heard, but no sightings of a shooter. Thanks to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we were able to find new details literally at the speed of light. Continue reading