David Boren Revealed as Mastermind Behind Satirical Twitter Account “FakeBoren”

fakeborenNorman, OK – After controversy flared around the Pride of Oklahoma in recent weeks, an unknown genius created the Twitter handle @FakeBoren to parody decisions and comments made by the actual university president. Several followers suggested that the identity of the creator must be an upset Pride alumnus, but sources today released evidence that the spoof account was, in fact, run by President David Boren himself. These allegations were confirmed when Boren unmasked himself in a press release this afternoon.

“You got me!” said Boren. “I thought I’d be able to go a little longer without being outed, but this is probably for the better. Now I can get back to important things like talking about ACT scores and National Merit Scholars.”

One reporter questioned Boren’s judgment, asking if jokes like this were really appropriate for such a high-level official. “Of course they’re appropriate,” said Boren. “Why do you think I don’t build any parking garages? Watching kids frantically leave the lot behind my house knowing they’re either going to be late for class or have to park in the Union garage is some of the best entertainment I get as President. Next to the Pride, of course. Yup, whether it’s marching band or traffic, I love a good standstill.”

“I stand by the jokes I’ve made,” he went on to say. “Perhaps some of them were in bad taste, but I think that’s the fun of it. Most of the time, though, I prefer to make my jokes a little… cheesy.”

When asked whether he will continue to use the Twitter account, Boren said, “Of course. This has become something of a tradition for me. I think it’s a great way for me to externalize what I see on social media.”

At press time, analysts were still trying to figure out what the hell that means.

2 thoughts on “David Boren Revealed as Mastermind Behind Satirical Twitter Account “FakeBoren”

  1. I love the quotes. “I love a good standstill” is perfect.

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