Area Man Makes Awkward Eye Contact with Former Classmate

studentswalkingNorman, OK – While walking to class this morning, junior Energy Management major Kyle Murati awkwardly exchanged eye contact with a girl he thinks might have been in his freshman Comp 1 class. “It was the weirdest thing,” he told reporters. “Like, I was just walking along thinking about whether I wanted a sandwich or burger after class when bam, I’m staring into the eyes of this chick I think I know from somewhere. But I’m not entirely sure.” Murati was able to confirm that he was able to put on a weird half-smile before quickly looking at the wall to his right to make it look like he was just scanning the area.

“The worst part is that she was still, like, ten steps away, so we both had enough time to look at each other a couple more times,” said Murati. “Her face lit up like she recognized me, but I didn’t figure it out until I had gotten a few steps past her. I just kept glancing away at nothing in particular like something important had caught my attention, but there’s no way she bought it.”

Media officials were able to track down the ex-classmate for an interview, who agreed to comment anonymously.

“Yeah, I remember Kyle Murati!” she said. “We sat next to each other in Intro to Chem. He was really smart, but a little… you know, off?”

Murati was last seen sitting in the back of the classroom trying to avoid being seen by a friend he hadn’t talked to all semester, but didn’t notice was in his class until three weeks in.

2 thoughts on “Area Man Makes Awkward Eye Contact with Former Classmate

  1. I went on a date with a guy a couple times, things ended, and then a couple months later I had to stand directly next to him for 15 minutes in the Cafe Plaid lunch line. Awkward eye contact abound.

  2. Definitely Onion-worthy!

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